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Packaging plays a critical role in attracting attention, and will help convince customers to choose your products. So at GEA Food Solutions, we are able to help you create package configurations and designs that contribute to your sales success. Close contact with customers in combination with our experience in other equipment for food preparation, marination, processing and slicing give us a unique understanding of the challenges you face. We also apply our innovative machines and equipment for packaging medical and technical products in well-designed, safe and hygienic packages (GEA Tiromat machines).


GEA Food Solutions` know how and expertise gives you a headstart  by providing a total package for food, confectionery, non-food and medical packaging. Over the years we have installed many complete lines in all corners of the world, and all have been developed hand-in-hand with the customer. Naturally, our total solution approach extends to complete systems with all peripheral equipment such as transport, labelling and printing. We help you keep products fresher for longer, reduce transport costs and provide visually appealing packages to win attention in supermarkets and other outlets.



Read all about our possibilities in packaging (click image or this link) >> 





 Beef joint shrink Salami sausage Packed potatoes shrink shrink sausage Sliced_Sausage
 Sliced ham Cream cheesereclosable Pancake Minced Meat transparant tray Leerdammer reclosable1


Together with you, GEA Food Solutions creates packaging solutions for:


- Meat

- Poultry

- Fish & Seafood

- Cheese

- Snacks

- Ready Meals / Meal components

- Vegetables

- Salads

- Bakery

- Petfood (please click here for our specialized solutions)

- Confectionery - GEA Aquarius (please click here for our specialized solutions)

- Sugar - GEA Aquarius (please click here for our specialized solutions)

- Medical packaging - GEA Tiromat (please click here for our specialized solutions)

- Technical packaging – GEA Tiromat (please click here for our specialized solutions) 




Packed_p_t__in_cooker_72dpi_1024x768px_EGEA Food Solutions special packaging


Thermoforming (Horizontal form fill sealing) video

This kind of packaging has a dual role of presentation and preservation. Your products are packed in precise formed packages using heat to form the packiging which fits round your products. This way you can keep your products fresh and well presented. The machinery will form your trays, fill your trays and seals the package.




Traysealing (Tray lidding) 


GEA traysealers are extremely versatile packaging systems with a variety of lidding and sealing applications. In addition they handle commercial tray sizes and shapes. And on top of that those which require special orientation. Of course all systems are meeting todays and tommorrows hygene standards.



b0003753GEA SmartPacker, best-in-class for uptime and reliability


For GEA Food Solutions, guaranteeing your production continuity leads the vertical bagging machines. They are reliable, durable and consistently deliver uptime in excess of > 98%. And this is not just an empty claim - the GEA CostFox software measures and records its performance, as well as indicates where you can make efficiency improvements.


Our latest vertical form, fill and seal packaging equipment includes intermittent and continuous machines that work with a wide variety of bag shapes and size, and a dedicated GEA TwinTube machine for confectionery. The bag sealing options include PTC, heat sealing and an ultrasonic 'zero reject' sealing system. The plug-and-play add-on options include charge and discharge conveyors, multihead weighers, printing and labeling equipment, gas dosing and gas analyzing, splicers and software creating a fully integrated solution.


To be able to guarantee you achieve the highest possible levels of technical packaging machine availability, GEA Food Solutions provides extended warranties and global customer support with a 24/7 helpdesk, qualified field service engineers and remote diagnostics. Our objective is to ensure your vertical packaging activity is available when you need it.


The GEA SmartPacker family includes packaging machines for bag lengths up to 550 mm and widths up to 400 mm. Characterized by being user-friendly, easy to clean and very hygienic, the machines are both compact and fast. The deliver consistent quality bags at up to 250 bags per minute on the continuous (CX) machines and 130 bags per minute on the intermittent (SX) machines. The design minimizes packaging material waste, and ensures smooth film transport - even delicate film materials can be easily transported.


Typical applications include the packaging of: Frozen and fresh vegetables, fruits and ready meals - Frozen and fresh potato products and French fries - Potato snacks - Fresh salad and cheese - Confectionery - Frozen en fresh protein products (meal components, nuggets, burgers, etc.) - Other and non-food. video





Filled, Packed, Sealed & Delivered


Leerdammer_label_72dpi_1024x766px_E- Labeling video


After producing the perfect product, wrapped in the best possible bag, wrap, seal, tray, pouch, envelop, pillow, blister or other designed package. 

 Of course you need to label, date or number the package. To complete the food processing line GEA Food Solutions delivers labeling equipment. more>>



Titleprint_72dpi_686x688px_E- Printing video


Love at first sight. Buying decisions rely heavily on the product´s package as well as the customer´s trust in the manufacturer´s good name. 


Because this is especially true with packaged food, it pays to put the power of your good name at the very center of attention. The perfect print & package will give your customer the right information and appealing look to take it home and enjoy.


To learn more on packaging, watch video, or download information on packaging machinery please visit or fill out our request information form here.

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