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Technology Center


GEA Food Solutions Technology Centers 


The GEA Food Solutions Technology Centers give you hands-on access to over 300 years’
of application, process and machine experience!

The facilities are available for individual customer demonstrations as well as training, seminars, applications support and special events. We can also support you with testing new recipes, processes and techniques. 

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Get closer to GEA Food Solutions expertise 


The GEA Food Solutions Technology Center Bakel (The Netherlands) focuses on ham, sausage, meal components (including heat treatment solutions for ready meals), pâté, petfood and general portfolio coverage for the GEA Food Solutions range of preparation, processing and marination equipment. 


Highlights include the new GEA MultiDrum, GEA CookStar Turbo and GEA PowerGrind 280, the GEA EasyFry XL, and a GEA OptiFlour with OptiAir. ColdSteam defrosting in both the mixer and tumbler execution are also present. The facilities are set up in two halls: for preparation and processing.






 GEA Food Solutions opens Americas region technology center


After finalizing the construction on the Frisco, Texas headquarters, GEA Food Solutions is happy to announce the opening of its state-of-the-art technology center February 2014. With multiple line configuration possibilities and full time food technologists, this technology center will change the way our customers are able to test current and develop new products.


Expanding on a proven method of testing

Years ago (then) CFS opened the first technology center of its kind in Europe. This provided the most extensive and state-of-the-art testing facility in the industry. Since then this there have been multiple technology centers set up at other GEA Food Solutions’ sites in Europe enabling our customers to test before they invest. Building on the success of those technology centers, GEA Food Solutions looks to offer a more geographically convenient option for our North and South American customers.


The most comprehensive solutions in the industry

From preparation and marination, to processing, slicing and packaging, GEA Food solutions can offer a solution for most any application in the food industry. This technology center will offer multiple full line options depending on the application need of the customer. GEA will also offer the ability to test a single piece of machinery. With the most comprehensive portfolio of machinery in the food industry, the options are limitless.



Available for:  


• Demonstrations, process development, recipe testing, prototyping, training and seminars  


Facilities include:  


• Preparation equipment for grinding, standardization (fat analysis), bowl cutting, mixing and ultra-fast defrosting

• Marination equipment for brine management (mixing, storage and cooling), brine injection, defrosting, tumbling, tenderizing and massaging

• Processing equipment for forming, pre-dusting, coating, frying, cooking, roasting, grilling and freezing

• Packaging equipment for sample runs engineering



Four GEA Food Solutions Technology Centers  

In addition to the preparation, marination and processing facility, GEA Food Solutions has dedicated Technology Centers for packaging, slicing and vertical packaging plus confectionery. All offer handson training and consultancy services. 


Packaging equipment for samples 

Basic packaging is also available for sample packages. The facilities include a

GEA Thermoformer,  GEA SmartPacker loaded by a multi-head weigher and a GEA Traysealer. 




Slicing, Loading and Line Competence Technology Center Kempten 


The modern Technology Center in Kempten is a perfect spot for slicing and automation demonstrations for an enormous variety of applications when slicing and loading technology is concerned.  


Our well experienced team of application specialists offers rewarding practice-oriented trainings, interactive and hands-on as well as performance tests including validations. And we host technology and application seminars in an energizing and vital atmosphere.





Packaging Technology Center Wallau 

The Packaging Technology Center Wallau (Germany) offers packaging consulting, package development and package design. Prototyping and production of sample packs helps you to make product and shelf life tests as well as tests with various packaging materials. 

Vertical Packaging Technology Center Weert  

GEA Food Solutions also has the fully equipped Technology Center Weert (The Netherlands) to demonstrate vertical flowpacking of confectionery, cheese, lettuce and frozen vegetables on a GEA SmartPacker, and has equipment for lollipop production (forming, filling, cooling and wrapping).  

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